New display picture. In larger form.


They are going all out for these Herbal Essences commercials.


I have a rainbow painted on my bathroom door.

Late night selfies

Refusing to cut my hair ever again - or at least through summer 2014

My partner Sam (tardissr, photo 5 with me) and I attended one of the most amazing interfaith trans gay weddings you will ever hear about! Congratulations to my amazing uncle, Randy, and my wonderful new family on Ty’s side! The 6th picture is the set of grooms/maids that are a new inspiration and friends.

I turned 24 this week.

Can you post some pictures of your tattoos?

Asked by Anonymous

Not the best photos of them, and I only still have the two. I like to plan out my tattoos but I would like more, definitely.

Evolve - Monarch Caterpillar

My hair is finally getting longer.

Just a chill day at the gum wall.

There’s always a dinosaur involved on my drunk nights.

My tattoo is in it’s final stages of healing, finally.

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